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Your Smile Counts: When Hiring A Photo Booth


How to hire a photo booth,

When meeting new people remember to smile. You never get a second chance for a first impression. We believe that when looking for a photo booth company you should look for someone who loves what they do.When looking to hire a Photo Booth below are some tips to look for:

Print Quality: Many photo booth companies use printers that do not produce true photo quality prints in an effort to save money and time. If you can, ask the potential companies to mail you actual sample photos so you can compare the print quality. You will be surprised at the difference when you see them side by side.

Image Size: Ask how large the file sizes are that are created by the photo booth. You never know when you’ll get that “One in a Million” shot and when you do, you’ll want the option to enlarge the print up to 16 inches or even bigger.

Redundancy: This is your wedding! Make sure that the photo booth company that you choose has back up equipment. You never know when a hard drive, camera, flash, printer, etc may fail. At Party Booths, every one of our booths contains 2 computers, 2 cameras, 2 flashes, and 2 printers, etc to give you that extra peace of mind.

Reputation: I can’t tell you how many horror stories I hear of a bride literally getting robbed by her photo booth company. Many of these “companies” run their business off a cell phone and literally have only one booth. What happens when their one and only booth breaks down the night before your event? Uh oh! Make sure that you hire a reputable company whose reputation is clearly worth more than you’ll be paying for your rental. Do a Google search using the company name followed by the word “reviews”.

Back Up Procedures: Ask about the back up procedure of your files. How long will they keep the files for you in case you lose your DVD/Flashdrive years down the line? Do they save your precious files on a spinning hard drive that may crash?

Contract: Make sure you have a signed contract with the company you choose. This not only protects them, but it protects you too!

Insurance: Make sure they are insured to protect you and your guests.

Running Time: Believe it or not, I’ve seen other companies contract that say they only guarantee to be up and running for at least 70% of the scheduled running time. Do you only pay them 70% of their fee then? This seems crazy but make sure you know exactly how much “running time” you are getting for your money. Any modern photo booth should be able to continue running while changing ink or adding paper, etc.

I hope you found this article helpful in your quest to find the perfect photo booth rental company for your next grand occasion. If you have any further questions, feel free to comment here or contact and I’ll do my best to address your questions asap.



  1. Ashley Turns says:

    I like your suggestion to make sure the photo booth rental you are using for your wedding will be supplied with extras of everything in case one thing breaks (like a camera or a flash drive). My sister is getting married soon and she has decided that she would like to have a photo booth rental at the reception so that a lot of people can get their pictures taken without having to bother the photographer too much. I’ll help make sure that the service we hire will also be bringing along two of everything since you never know when something might break.

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